Property Search Task Force Committee

  • Prahlad K. C.
  • Puskar Neupane
  • Bishnu Mani Acharya
  • Milan Gurung
  • Bishnu Karki
  • Ram Thapa
  • Sundar Gurung
  • Bhuban Gurung
  • Birochan Nepal
  • Dhurba Ghimire
  • Samjana Gurung
  • Susheel Poudel
  • Achut Adhikari
  • Maheshwor Panta
  • Binoj Pradhan
  • Sandip Basnet
  • Ranjan Thapa
  • Ajit Baral
  • Suresh Wagle
  • Deepak Kafle
  • Ram Dhital
  • Bijaya Tamang
  • Bishnu Rai
  • Laba Adhikari
  • Yeleena Shrestha

Objectives of PABFONE

The primary objective of PABFONE is to provide a common place to promote and conserve Nepali cultural heritage, practice spiritual and religious rituals relating to Hindu and Buddhist faiths and strengthen social brotherhood and religious harmony among different faiths of Nepal.

Current Financial Status

PABFONE has a bank account with Bank of America, where all collected funds are deposited.

As of 08/24/2015, the bank balance is $88,459.65 which reflects the total donation of $94,167.48 received after deduction of the expenses $5,707.83 incurred so far.

We believe in financial transparency and publish our full financial status with the details of income and expenses and the list of all donors with their donation amount in our annual general meetings as well as in our website.

Non Profit Status

PABFONE is an eligible non-profit organization to collect donations as approved by the Attorney General’s Office of Massachusetts. We have also received recognition as a charitable organization under provision 501(c)(3) with Internal Revenue Services (IRS), which makes the donations made to PABFONE as tax deductible.


You can donate to PABFONE online using debit / credit cards or paypal account. Click Donate Now to donate.