Our Request

PABFONE is committed to build our own community center with Nepalese identity within Greater Boston area, with the replicas of PashupatiNath temple and Buddha stupa to help all of us preserve our language, religious faith, cultural heritage, and our identity in this foreign land. This is long wished project that is coming into the reality after a long time, and PABFONE needs love and support from all of you to make it successful.

Let’s join hands to preserve our culture.

Please keep in touch with any of our executive members, general members or advisers and get involved in this mission. Please donate whatever you can, and spread the word to everybody you know.

Key Contacts :

Milan Gurung  – gurung26@gmail.com
Bishnu Mani Acharyaacharyabishnu31@hotmail.com
Birochan Nepalcontactbiru@yahoo.com
Bhuwan P Gurungbhuwantamu@gmail.com
Bishnu Karkibikrak@hotmail.com
Dhan K GurungKumartamu@hotmail.com
Ram Thaparam_thapa17@yahoo.com
Dhruba Ghimiredhrubagc@yahoo.com
Sundar P. Gurung  – sundartamu@gmail.com
Yem Poudel – poudelyem@yahoo.com